Physician Credentialing Physician Credentialing

Credentialing is a long and detailed process (after you completed CAQH profile) to obtain and verify, access the qualification of a provider to provide care or services within a healthcare organization. You you may not have time to dedicate to this process, therefore, let us assist you.

We are here to ensure that your office obtains its credentials accurately and on time. We have an extensive background and the understanding required to complete the insurance credentialing process without causing you anxiety.

Physician Credentialing

We will take care of the entire medical credentialing process for you. Your practice will only need to send us some information, and complete a single application. That is it! We will do the remaining work!

  • Our staff of professionals will handle every detail for you.
  • We will provide weekly updates throughout the process.
  • You will receive written reports with our updates.
  • We track all applications submitted and maintain accurate records.
  • We guarantee complete security, confidentiality and accuracy.

We are aware of how vital credentialing is to your practice. Do not waste another minute of your valuable time trying to find a better credentialing service. We have the experience and knowledge, and therefore, confident that you can rest assured that your credentialing will be handled correctly. We are here for you and elated to assist you in this important process.

We are able to perform provider enrollment for all medical plans, Medicare, hospitals, other facility privileges, in addition to other applications that need credentialing data.

Please contact us today to request a quote for physican credentialing.

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