Patient Assessment

The psychological instruments provided by the P.A.S program have the purpose of providing timely identification of depression, social isolation, PTSD and suicide ideation. Our P.A.S. surveys are ground-breaking, visually-based and easy-to-use assessments of patented, truth-revealing technology. They are easily administered from a website that's personalized for your practice. They're non-invasive and provide instant reports to you, the doctor; reports that are easily understood in a format you're already accustomed to.

The Surveys

The first is a 20-item survey which takes 2 to 3 minutes to complete by the patient, and is based upon a historically valid psychological analysis instrument. A second survey, if needed, takes about 20-25 minutes to complete and covers over 90-items. It's an in-depth assessment of the patient's mental state that's designed to give the health professional much greater detail in those cases where the initial survey has found a concern.

Patient Assessment


Billable through approved CPT Codes with over 97% paid, the assessment allows the practice to realize a revenue stream that may not yet be realized.

While you examine your patient's physical status, why not learn more about their mental status in just minutes and get paid for it?

Please contact us for more information to see how our company can help you increase your practice productivity.

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Are you considering outsourcing, but need to know if it makes financial sense? Are your CPT codes current? A CPT and Cost analysis will help answer these questions and other questions about your practice. We will provide you with a professional code review and a financial summary that details the cash flow of your office for free!

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